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Tunable/Reconfigurable Metasurfaces: Physics and Applications

Figure 4

Thermally and chemically switchable metasurfaces. (a) A VO2–hybridized TSM for actively controlling THz waves. (b) A near-IR TSM constructed with VO2 resonators and its temperature-controlled optical spectra. (c) A superconductor-based TTM for transmission modulations on THz wave. Inset: image of the fabricated SRR meta-atom. (d) A TSM combining a dielectric metasurface (silicon nanodisk array) and a layer of LCs to achieve transmission modulation on near-IR light. (e) A chemically switchable metadevice formed by a plasmonic metasurface composed of hydrogen-responsive Mg nanoparticles. Reproduced with permissions: (a) from [42] ©2009AAAS; (b) from [43] ©2018ACS; (c) from [44] ©2010 APS; (d) from [45] ©2015ACS; (e) from [46].