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Confined van der Waals Epitaxial Growth of Two-Dimensional Large Single-Crystal In2Se3 for Flexible Broadband Photodetectors

Figure 4

2D In2Se3 based flexible photodetectors. (a) Schematic of a flexible photodetector on a mica substrate using a 2D In2Se3 flake with a thickness of ~7 nm as the channel material. (b) Photo showing the bendable device of the 2D In2Se3 on a mica substrate. (c) Current under white light with different power intensities. (d) Time-resolved photoresponse of the same device with 660 nm light before and after bending 1000 times. (e, f) The exponential curves of the rise and decay times. (g) Photocurrent versus power intensity for 660 nm incident light. (h) Responsivity and detectivity of the device under 660 nm incident light with different powder intensities. (i) The relationship between EQE and different incident light wavelengths (UV-Vis-NIR range). All data were measured at 300 K, under atmospheric conditions and = 1 V.