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Confined van der Waals Epitaxial Growth of Two-Dimensional Large Single-Crystal In2Se3 for Flexible Broadband Photodetectors

Table 1

A comparison of the photoresponse of In2Se3 with other 2D materials.

MaterialsResponsivity Rise time Decay time Spectral TypeRef.

Graphene (on SiO2/Si)1 × 10−310−6 NAVisibleRigid[36]
MoS2 (on SiO2/Si)7.5× 10−35050VisibleRigid[37]
BP (on SiO2/Si)4.8 × 10−31NAVisible-NIRRigid[38]
In2Se3 (on SiO2/Si)2.5NANAVisibleRigid[28]
WSe2 (on PI)0.929002000UV-NIRFlexible[39]
In2Se3 (on mica)5.614025UV-NIRFlexibleThis work