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Understanding the Pathway of Gas Hydrate Formation with Porous Materials for Enhanced Gas Separation

Figure 4

Experimental studies of CH4/C2H6 separation. (a) Scheme of replacement during the gas adsorption process. (b) Gas isotherm curves on AC at 273 K with Rw = 1.58. Blue curve and black curve represent methane and ethane, respectively. The filled symbols represent adsorption branch, and the blank symbols represent desorption branch. (c) Breakthrough curve of CH4/C2H6 mixture on AC at 273 K under 1.5 MPa with a flow rate of 100 mlL/min. (d) Regeneration curves under atmosphere pressure when purging with N2 at 273 K with a flow rate of 100 mL/min. In (c) and (d), the filled symbols represent C2H6, and the blank symbols represent CH4.

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