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In Situ Observation of Crystalline Silicon Growth from SiO2 at Atomic Scale

Figure 3

Phase diagram and electron scattering cross section. (a, b) Phase change during the growth process of crystalline Si NPs under 300 keV and 80 keV irradiation. Triangles and diamonds indicate the critical dose at different temperatures. The dashed lines correspond to linear fitting. (c) Critical dose for the formation of c-Si NPs at 25°C (red stars) and amorphous SiO NPs (blue triangles) under different beam energies. The dashed line is the linear fitting, and the data at 200 keV is reported by Du et al. [12]. (d, e) Elastic and inelastic electron scattering cross sections at different energies. (f) Elastic cross sections of O at different displacement threshold energies.