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Solar PV-Battery-Electric Grid-Based Energy System for Residential Applications: System Configuration and Viability

Table 2

Simulation results for systems with actual and optimum sizes.

ParametersActual (residential, SH)Optimum (residential, SH)Optimum (nonresidential, SH)Optimum (residential, HK)
PV+bat.PV onlyPV+bat.PV onlyPV+bat.PV onlyPV+bat.PV only

Battery sizes24 kWhNo8 kWhNo8 kWhNo8 kWhNo
PV sizes3 kW3 kW3.5 kW3.5 kW3.5 kW3.5 kW3.5 kW3.5 kW

Battery charging (kWh)26170193301588018300
Battery discharging (kWh)21250147801273013910
Demand (kWh)43224322432243224432443244384438
Grid import (kWh)13963436199434131597280322293557
Grid export (kWh)1842801146533991077271611072967
PV production (kWh)37423742434443444344434438483848
Self-consumed energy (kWh)29268862328908283416282209881
Self-consumption rate79%24%54%21%65%37%57%23%
Self-sufficiency rate68%20%54%21%64%37%50%20%
Grid electricity cost (€)8523311623191171137246
PV incentive earning (€) (1-5 years)417417487487487487431431
PV incentive earning (€) (6-20 years)209209243243243243215215
Electricity sold earning (€)10151791845814760160
Base electricity bill (€) (no PV, no battery)306306306306306306319319
NVP for 18 years (€)-103571392-24671715-23822008-31371072