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Solar PV-Battery-Electric Grid-Based Energy System for Residential Applications: System Configuration and Viability

Table 9

Optimum sizes of the PV system and batteries and the corresponding NPV (kW/kWh/€) for different energy tariffs.

0.054 (€/kWh)0.036 (€/kWh)0.018 (€/kWh)0 (€/kWh)

0.083 (€/kWh)0/0/00/0/00/0/00/0/0
0.286 (€/kWh)1.4/1/7721.2/1/6751/1/6040.9/1/550
0.500 (€/kWh)6/12/42895/11/38364.4/11/34983.6/9/3205
0.704 (€/kWh)7.9/17/127167/16/119706.6/17/113475.9/16/10842

The data are presented as PV system optimum size/battery optimum size/NPV.