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Promising Results from Alzheimer’s Disease Passive Immunotherapy Support the Development of a Preventive Vaccine

Table 1

Alzheimer’s disease vaccines at the clinical or preclinical stage.


Affiris AD02mimic AKLHAlumTh2Terminated
CAD106AVLP§None----Phase 2
V950Aβ N-terminalISCOMATRIXQuil ATh1/Th2Terminated
UB-311ACpG+AlumTh1/Th2Phase 2
ATh epitopesδ-inulin+CpGTh1/Th2Pre-clinical
ABvac40C-term. Aβ40KLHAlumTh2Phase 2
ACI-24ALiposomesMPLATh1/Th2Phase 2
Lu AF20513[A]3Tetanus toxin--------Phase 1
AADvac1Tau-C-KLHAlumTh2Phase 1

(◊) Immunity means the type of immunity induced by the adjuvant, as reported in the literature and not the one described for the vaccine in question. () CRM197 nontoxic diphtheria toxin. () Alum a traditionally assumed Th2 adjuvant has many proinflammatory properties [67, 68]. (§) VLP are virus-like-particles derived from Qβ phage. () UBITh is a proprietary set of T helper epitopes derived from MVT, PT and TT [75]. () MPLA monophosphoryl lipid A.

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