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Cyclic Ether Contaminant Removal from Water Using Nonporous Adaptive Pillararene Crystals via Host-Guest Complexation at the Solid-Solution Interface

Figure 2

Investigations on EtP6 adsorption of dioxane from water. (a) Time-dependent partial 1H NMR spectra (400 MHz, D2O, 25°C) of a 0.500 mg mL−1 dioxane-D2O solution upon addition of EtP6β. (b) Time-dependent dioxane concentration change in D2O upon addition of EtP6β. (c) PXRD patterns: (I) EtP6β; (II) EtP6β after filtration from the 0.500 mg mL−1 dioxane-D2O solution; (III) EtP6β after filtration from a 1.00 mg mL−1 dioxane-D2O solution.

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