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Tunable Dynamic Black Phosphorus/Insulator/Si Heterojunction Direct-Current Generator Based on the Hot Electron Transport

Figure 3

Tunable dynamic black phosphorus/dielectric layer/Si junctions based on hot electron transport. (a) One-dimensional band alignment of the conduction and valence band edges for various dielectric layers (graphene, HfO2, Al2O3, and AlN) and semiconductors (Si and black phosphorus). (b) Band diagram of the dynamic black phosphorus/AlN/Si generator. (c) of the dynamic heterojunction generator with different interface barrier heights. The graphene layer is a monolayer, and its insulating layer is as thin as 10 nm. The generator works under the linearly reciprocating mode with an 8.0 N force and a speed of 8.0 cm/s. (d and e) - curve of the static and dynamic black phosphorus/AlN/Si junction with an 8.0 N force. Inset: the circuit diagram of the static black phosphorus/AlN/Si junction. The threshold voltage is greater than 5.0 V.