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A General Method for the Synthesis of Hybrid Nanostructures Using MoSe2 Nanosheet-Assembled Nanospheres as Templates

Figure 4

HER electrochemical performances of the hybrid nanostructures. (a) Polarization curves of the 20 wt% Pt/C, MoSe2-Co2P, MoSe2-Ni2P, and MoSe2-NiS hybrid nanostructures, and MoSe2 nanosphere with iR correction. (b) The corresponding Tafel plots. (c) Nyquist plots of MoSe2-Co2P, MoSe2-Ni2P, and MoSe2-NiS hybrid nanostructures and MoSe2 nanosphere collected at a bias voltage of -150 mV. Inset: the equivalent circuit used for fitting the Nyquist plots. (d) Chronopotentiometry response for MoSe2-Co2P hybrid nanostructures at 10 mA cm-2 for 12 h.