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Nanowrinkled Carbon Aerogels Embedded with FeN Sites as Effective Oxygen Electrodes for Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery

Figure 5

Zn-air performance tests. (a) Polarization curves for OER and ORR by NCAC-Zn/Fe and Pt/C-RuO2. Inset shows the corresponding between and and the Tafel slope of OER. (b) OCV and (c) power densities of Zn-air batteries assembled by NCAC-Zn/Fe and Pt/C-RuO2. (d) Discharge tests at various current densities (5, 10, 20, and 50 mA cm−2) of NCAC-Zn/Fe and Pt/C-RuO2. (e) Charge-discharge curves of Zn-air batteries assembled by NCAC-Zn/Fe and Pt/C-RuO2 at 10 mA cm−2 for 1100 cycles (400 s per cycle). (f) Comparison of charge-discharge voltage gap for NCAC-Zn/Fe with leading results reported in recent literature [5, 11, 3740].