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Electrically Programmable Terahertz Diatomic Metamolecules for Chiral Optical Control

Figure 6

Application as a FMIM SLM and single pixel imaging. (a) Schematic diagram of the 5×5 pixelate terahertz spatial light modulator operating in the transmission mode. Each pixel is identical and electrically isolated to be encoded separately. (b) Experimental transmission intensity contrast of light. Large intensity contrast occurs at mode I and mode II through the pixel with 10] (D-configuration) and 01] (L-configuration) encoding sequences with a wire-grid polarizer oriented at 20° relative to y-axis. (c) Optical intensity extinction ratio spectrum between the two operation states of each pixel. Significant extinction ratios (>3dB and > -5dB) enable excellent SLM performance, and opposite polarities at different frequencies provide a frequency-division multiplexing channel which multiplies the data capacity. (d) Digitalized optical output according to the output light intensity. ■ indicates a relative low intensity output from a single pixel. The two frequency-divided output channels are correlated with opposite output signals. (e) Schematic diagram of optical setup for terahertz single pixel imaging using the frequency-division multiplexed intensity modulated (FMIM) SLM as a core coding component.