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Microwave Tunneling and Robust Information Transfer Based on Parity-Time-Symmetric Absorber-Emitter Pairs

Figure 1

PT-symmetric wave tunneling model, mode profile, and power transmission characteristics. (a) PT-symmetric wave tunneling and information transfer scheme. A highly reflective obstacle blocks the channel. A gain element is placed behind this obstacle, and a lossy element is placed before the obstacle to facilitate full-wave transmission. (b) A simplified wired version of the PT-symmetric robust information transfer scheme based on a transmission line. The obstacle is modeled as a small inductive element . (c) Fundamental odd and even mode profiles of the PT-symmetric absorber-emitter pair. They are significantly different from the Hermitian system due to the Neumann boundary condition and PT symmetry. The points and mark the location of the loss and gain unit, where is the electrical length of the transmission connecting these two elements. (d) Tunneling characteristics of the PT-symmetric system. The phase transmission maxima locate at , and the in-phase transmission peaks are determined by the transcendental equation , where is the coupling strength between the absorber and emitter and is the fundamental resonant frequency.