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Synthesis of PdSx-Mediated Polydymite Heteronanorods and Their Long-Range Activation for Enhanced Water Electroreduction

Figure 2

Characterizations of the PdSx- heteronanorods. (a) TEM image of synthesized -Ni3S4 heteronanorods. Scale bar, 50 nm. A digital image of -Ni3S4 heteronanorods in hexane is shown as inset. (b and c) Histograms of -Ni3S4 heteronanorods showing the size of Ni3S4 nanorods and dots, respectively. (d) HAADF-STEM image of -Ni3S4 heteronanorods. Scale bar, 20 nm. Inset gives the crystal structure of -Ni3S4. Blue, yellow, and cyan balls correspond to Ni, S, and Pd atoms, respectively. (e) HRTEM image of a typical -Ni3S4 heteronanorod. Scale bar, 5 nm. (f and g) The FFT patterns taken from the regions marked by white and yellow dashed circles of (e), featuring the crystalline Ni3S4 and amorphous , respectively. (h) XRD patterns of -Ni3S4 heteronanorods, pure Ni3S4, and . (i) HAADF image and STEM elemental mapping of -Ni3S4 heteronanorods. Scale bar, 20 nm.