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Characterization of Ablation Thresholds for 3D-Cultured Patient-Derived Glioma Stem Cells in Response to High-Frequency Irreversible Electroporation

Figure 1

Cell morphology characterization in collagen hydrogels. (a) Confocal images of GSCs, U251, NSCs, and NHAs show differences in cell morphology of different cell types. (b) Cell areas for GSCs and NSCs are significantly smaller than U251 or NHAs (p < 0.0001). Nuclear areas for GSCs, U251 cells, and NSCs are enlarged compared to NHAs (p < 0.0001). (c) Calculation of NCR from confocal images shows a significantly higher NCR for GSC and NSC populations compared to both U251 and NHA (p < 0.0001). U251 have significantly higher NCRs than NHAs (). (d) A comparison of circularity and aspect ratio across cell types illustrates the different cell morphology of GSCs and NSCs compared to U251 and NHA cells. GSCs and NSCs have a significantly higher circularity () than U251s and NHAs and a significantly lower aspect ratio (). U251s and NHA have no significant difference in circularity or aspect ratio (p > 0.05).