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Characterization of Ablation Thresholds for 3D-Cultured Patient-Derived Glioma Stem Cells in Response to High-Frequency Irreversible Electroporation

Figure 5

The ablation of GBM-10 GSCs is accomplished at lower thresholds than other cell types in hyaluronic acid. (a) Lesion areas after H-FIRE electroporation protocols in HA are visualized with live/dead staining. (b) Comparison of lesion areas in HA shows the GBM-10 GSC populations have a greater lesion size than U251s which has a greater lesion size than NHAs. (c) GSC populations in HA have a lower lethal threshold than healthy astrocytes and slightly lower but similar thresholds to U251 cells when exposed to H-FIRE pulses. ; .