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Engineering Epitaxial Silicene on Functional Substrates for Nanotechnology

Figure 4

Silicene on MoS2. Stacking models for silicene on MoS2 (a); STM topography of silicene on MoS2 (inset: reflection high-energy electron diffraction figure) (A), atomically resolved topography of silicene on MoS2 at the step-edge (B) and related height profile, a cross-sectional model of AAA-stacked silicene-on-MoS2 (C) (b); pictorial sketch of the heterointerface-based FET composed by Al2O3/silicene/MoS2 heterosheet on SiO2/Si++ substrate (A) and its transconductance plot (B) (c). Panels are adapted from references [9, 29].