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A Sponge-Driven Elastic Interface for Lithium Metal Anodes

Figure 2

Electrochemical evaluation of cells with MS-Li or bare Li as anodes. Coulombic efficiencies of MS-Li and bare Li anodes measured at the current of 1 mA cm-2 for (a) a capacity of 5 mA h cm-2 and (b) a capacity of 10 mA h cm-2. Voltage profiles in the cycling of Li‖MS-Li and Li‖Li symmetric cells for (c) a capacity of 1 mA h cm-2 at a current of 1 mA cm-2 and (d) a capacity of 10 mA h cm-2 at a current of 10 mA cm-2. (e) Cycling performance of LFP‖MS-Li and LFP‖Li full cells at 0.5 C. (f) Charge and discharge voltage profiles of LFP‖MS-Li and LFP‖Li full cells of the 1st, 50th, and 100th cycle. Insets show the corresponding structures of all the cells, respectively.