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A Sponge-Driven Elastic Interface for Lithium Metal Anodes

Figure 5

Characterizations of the interface in MS-Li and bare Li anodes. Schematic illustration of electrochemical deposition and SEM images of (a) the bare Li anode and (b) the MS-Li anode after 30 cycles. The electrodes were taken from half cells with a cycling capacity of 1 mA h cm-2 and a current density of 1 mA cm-2. The surface morphology of the corresponding Cu foils has also been shown, respectively. Nyquist plots of half cells using MS-Li and bare Li anodes measured at (c) a fresh state and (d) after 20 cycles under the capacity of 1 mA h cm-2 and current of 1 mA cm-2. Insets show the corresponding fitting model.