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Highly Textured N-Type SnSe Polycrystals with Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance

Figure 2

XRD patterns for the SnSe polycrystalline samples before and after texturing process along the directions that are perpendicular (a) and parallel (b) to the SPS pressure; the standard pattern of SnSe (PDF# 48-1224) is also plotted for comparison. (c, d) (111) and (400) pole figures of textured SnSe0.94Br0.06 along the direction that is perpendicular to the SPS pressure. (e, f) SEM images of the fractured surfaces for textured Sn1.005Se0.94Br0.06 along the two directions. (g) and (h) are the typical samples for as-SPSed and SPS texturing 3 times, respectively.

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