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De Novo Design of Polymeric Carrier to Photothermally Release Singlet Oxygen for Hypoxic Tumor Treatment

Figure 3

Photothermal effects, capture, and release of1O2 of P1 and P1-SO. (a) and (b) Temperature elevation of P1 and P1-SO at different concentrations under irradiation (690 nm, 400 mW/cm2). (c) Absorption spectra of the mixture of P1 (300 μg/mL) and MB (10 μM) under different irradiation time (660 nm, 4 mW/cm2). (d) of DPBF under different temperatures in mixture solution of P1-SO and DBPF. (e) of DPBF in the mixture solution of P1-SO or P1 and DBPF under irradiation (690 nm, 400 mW/cm2). (f) The cycle number of the capture and release of 1O2. , was the absorption at different irradiation time and A0 was the absorption without irradiation.