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Reactive Inorganic Vapor Deposition of Perovskite Oxynitride Films for Solar Energy Conversion

Figure 5

PEC performance and faradaic efficiency. (a) Photocurrents of the directly prepared SrTaO2N film and particle-assembled SrTaO2N photoanodes [34] in 1 M NaOH () electrolyte under AM 1.5G (100 mW cm-2) simulated sunlight and a scan rate of 30 mV s-1. (b) Wavelength dependence on the incident photon-to-current conversion efficiency (IPCE) of the SrTaO2N film photoanode with the Co/CoOOH catalyst layer measured at 1.23 V vs. RHE in 1 M NaOH () aqueous solution. (c) Gas chromatography for O2 and H2 generated from the SrTaO2N film photoanode modified with the Co/CoOOH layer and Pt counter electrode during PEC water splitting at an applied potential of 1.23 V vs. RHE for 180 min. (d) - curve for the SrTaO2N film photoanode and particle-assembled SrTaO2N photoanodes during PEC water splitting at 1.23 V vs. RHE (for 240 min) under AM 1.5G (100 mW cm-2) illumination.