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2D Materials Based Optoelectronic Memory: Convergence of Electronic Memory and Optical Sensor

Table 2

Comparisons of ORAM synaptic devices based on 2D materials with other material systems.

Active layerThree /two terminalOperation mechanismSpike wavelength Spike energy (pJ)Ref.

graphene/CNTThreeCharge trapping405, 532 nm250[54]
Si-NC/WSe2ThreeCharge trapping375, 532 and 1342 nm0.000075[57]
MoS2/PTCDAThreeCharge trapping532 nm5.38 [22]
2D Perovskite/grapheneThree--520 nm0.592[58]
CH3NH3PbI3TwoCharge trapping500, 635 nm and halogen bulb--[2]
CdS/CNTTwoCharge trapping405 and 532 nm--[59]
InGaZn/Al2O3ThreeCharge trapping365 nm2.4×103[60]
Pentacene/PMMA/CsPbBr3 quantum dotsThreeCharge trapping 365, 450, 520 and 660 nm0.76[61]
ITO/Nb:SrTiO3TwoCharge trapping459, 528 and 630 nm1178[62]
C8-BTBTThreeCharge trapping 360 nm2160[63]