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Encoding and Multiplexing of 2D Images with Orbital Angular Momentum Beams and the Use for Multiview Color Displays

Figure 5

Multiview color display. (a) Right view at 532 nm: (a1) multiplexed OAM beam, (a2) original image without encoding/decoding, (a3) decoded image. (b) Bottom view at 450 nm. (c) Top view at 635 nm. (d) Left view at 632.8 nm. (e) The same image encoded/decoded with different wavelengths but with the decoded images overlaid: (e1) 532 nm only, (e2) multiplexing of 532 nm and 450 nm, (e3) multiplexing of 532 nm, 450 nm, and 635 nm, and (e4) multiplexing of 532 nm, 450 nm, 635 nm, and 632.8 nm.