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Rapid Magnetic 3D Printing of Cellular Structures with MCF-7 Cell Inks

Figure 5

Growth and viability of cell structures formed by diamagnetophoresis. Box-and-whisker plots for area measurements of 3D cell structures (n=3) are formed on (a) a flat ULA surface (3D) and (b) a TCT surface (2.5D), as well as 3D structures using (c) round ULA plates that allow the formation of self-assembled spheroids and (d) flat ULA plates to allow the formation of numerous spontaneously formed spheroids per well. Central 3D cell structures were (i) imaged and (ii) measured at 6 hours (following medium changes to remove Gd-DTPA), 24, 48, and 72 hours. Upper and lower whiskers are placed at the and percentile, respectively. Points beyond the whisker ranges are plotted as single dots. At 6 hours, there is a relatively large variation between the forms of the 3D structures. However, at 6 hours, the level of variation between (a) 3D spheroids printed with diamagnetophoresis on a flat ULA surface is much lower than for (c) 3D spheroids printed on a round ULA surface. At 24 hours, the projected areas of both samples are equivalent. Scale bar = 200 μm.

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