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Electronic Skin from High-Throughput Fabrication of Intrinsically Stretchable Lead Zirconate Titanate Elastomer

Figure 3

(a) Optical images illustrating three different external loads of touching (~0.5 kPa), poking (~13.4 kPa), and hard pressing (~27.2 kPa) on a piezoelectric elastomer sensor. (b, c) Electrical responses in the piezoelectric elastomer sensors to the three kinds of touching loads. (d) Optical image of a glove with 10 sensors mounted on different locations. (e) Photo of the sensors mounted on the glove grabbing a glass. (f) Electrical signals outputs of the 10 devices mounted on the glove when holding the glass. (g) Optical images of three gestures with 5 devices attached to the glove. (h) Voltage outputs of the 5 sensors mounted on the glove under gestures of “Good”, “Okay,” and “Like you”.