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Comprehensive Flow Cytometry Analysis of PEI-Based Transfections for Virus-Like Particle Production

Figure 1

Flow cytometry analysis of the kinetics of pDNA : PEI complex binding to cells. (a) The 206 cells/mL transfection density sample with (-) Cy5 population included as a control transfection with pDNA lacking the Cy5 label. (b) PEI-pDNA complex-cell surface binding kinetics for transfection cell densities of 156, 206, and 256 cells/mL. The % saturation reflects the estimated percentage of binding sites on the cell surface occupied by PEI-pDNA complexes. The plasmid median fluorescence intensity (MFI) value achieved upon plateaued signal was used to determine the % saturation value. (c) Table summarizing transfection conditions for each sample and the corresponding measurements of pDNA MFI and cell surface saturation levels at 3 hrs posttransfection.

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