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Comprehensive Flow Cytometry Analysis of PEI-Based Transfections for Virus-Like Particle Production

Figure 2

Flow cytometry analysis of PEI transfected cells stained with Alexa488 labeled ChikVLP mAb. (a) Samples at the different transfection cell concentrations were concatenated for day 1, day 2, and day 3 expression analysis. Samples are defined as follows: (i) nontransfected and transfected at (ii) 156 cells/mL, (iii) 206 cells/mL, and (iv) 256 cells/mL. (b) Plot of the daily VLP MFI for each transfection sample which is denoted as the level of pDNA complex-cell saturation binding measured at 3 hrs posttransfection. (c) The calculated (-) and (+) VLP cells for each sample during the first 72 hours of culture. The daily VCD and the percentage of VLP staining cells found in (a) were used to estimate the VLP-producing cells.