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Comprehensive Flow Cytometry Analysis of PEI-Based Transfections for Virus-Like Particle Production

Figure 4

Cell growth and titer analysis of transfections performed with and without Cy5-labeled ChikVLP plasmid. Cell growth profiles for varied transfection density samples using Cy5-labeled (a) or nonlabeled (c) pDNA. VLP titers were measured daily for each transfection sample for the Cy5-labeled (b) or nonlabeled (d) pDNA transfections. The nonlabeled plasmid samples were run in duplicates and plotted as individual symbols with the duplicate averages illustrated by a horizontal line. #Day 4 titer for the (+) Cy5-156 cells/mL sample was not reported due to associated assay error with complete cell lysis. Day 4 titer for the (-) Cy5-156 cells/mL was below the limit of quantitation and assumed to be zero.