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Comprehensive Flow Cytometry Analysis of PEI-Based Transfections for Virus-Like Particle Production

Figure 5

Daily expression trends for ChikVLP (Cy5-labeled pDNA) and GFP (nonlabeled pDNA) transfections. Transfections carried out at a cell density of 206 cells/mL are plotted for daily (a) VLP cell stain or cellular GFP fluorescence and supernatant measurements of (b) VLP titer or fluorescence. ##Data was not collected for these culture days. The ChikVLP stain and GFP fluorescence were normalized by dividing the measured signal by the daily background recorded for the nontransfected cell population, such that the background signal in each case is made equal to one. The culture media yielded a significant emission response at the desired wavelength which explains the lower fold increase in fluorescence detection when analyzing the culture supernatant. Results of a 1-way ANOVA for the GFP measurements are reported (ns = not significant, value < 0.05 or value < 0.01).