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High Thermoelectric Performance of Cu-Doped PbSe-PbS System Enabled by High-Throughput Experimental Screening

Figure 1

Experimental high-throughput screening strategy for the Cu-doped PbSe-PbS system. (a) HTP sample preparation process. (b) HTP structure and composition characterization. (c) Seebeck coefficient mapping of the HTP thin slab. (d) Thermal-transport property evaluation of the HTP thin slab. The red opened symbol presented in (b) was taken from Ref. [34]. The figures in (b) are the lattice parameters derived from micro XRD measurements at the labeled spots (A) and the SEM-EDS mapping results (B) for the HTP thin slab along the gradient direction. The data presented in (c) are the Seebeck coefficient distribution and the average value for each section (separated by red dotted lines). (d) Represents the upper surface temperature distribution and the time-dependent temperature variation of the marked spots for the HTP thin slab. The image of the HTP thin slab was captured by an infrared camera at  s (the corresponding bottom temperature of the thin slab is ~250°C).