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High-Performance Mg3Sb2-xBix Thermoelectrics: Progress and Perspective

Figure 7

Defect formation energy in Mg3Sb2 in (a) Sb-excess and (b) Mg-excess conditions, respectively. (c) The Seebeck coefficient of Mg3Sb2 and Mg3(Sb,Bi)2 single crystals, grown under different chemical conditions. The data are taken from Refs. [48, 68, 96]. (d) The experimentally obtained maximum in Mg3(Sb,Bi)2 samples and the calculated doping efficiency for different dopants. The blue color columns represent dopants at anion sites and the red at cation sites. The doping efficiency is calculated using the measured divided by the theoretical one obtained assuming each doping atom offers one electron. The data are taken from Refs. [71, 73, 84, 86, 88, 92, 115, 118, 136, 173, 192, 193]. Panels (a, b) are reproduced with permission from Ref. [97]. Copyright 2018 Elsevier Ltd.

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