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High-Performance Mg3Sb2-xBix Thermoelectrics: Progress and Perspective

Figure 8

(a) Electrical current dependence of temperature difference () between the hot and cold sides at the hot-side of 350 K. The inset shows optical image of the experimental setup for the TE cooling measurement with a unicouple consisting of p-type Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 and n-type Mg3.2Bi1.498Sb0.5Te0.002. (b) Hall carrier concentration versus measurement time for La-doped samples under dynamic vacuum and Y-doped samples under vacuum; the data are taken from Refs. [73, 115]. (c, d) Temperature-dependent electrical conductivity and Seebeck coefficient of Mg3+δSb1.5Bi0.49Te0.01 with different excess Mg in our experimental work. 1st and 2nd denote the first and second heating measurements in the helium atmosphere, respectively. Panel (a) is reproduced with permission from Ref. [33]. Copyright 2019 American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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