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The Strategies of Pathogen-Oriented Therapy on Circumventing Antimicrobial Resistance

Figure 4

The model of novel of antibody-antibiotic and its antibacterial properties. (a) Model of AAC. (b) Intracellular USA300 were added to a monolayer of MG63 with antibody, AAC, or a mixture of antibody plus rifampicin in media containing vancomycin (vanco). Surviving bacteria were enumerated 24 h later. (c) AAC kills intracellular reservoirs of MRSA in vivo. (d) 10 mice per group were injected with human IgG to achieve a concentration of 10 mg/mL, then infected with MRSA. Treatment as indicated was begun 24 h after infection [155]. Copyright © 2015, Springer Nature.