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The Strategies of Pathogen-Oriented Therapy on Circumventing Antimicrobial Resistance

Figure 7

The structures of antibacterial drones (ABD) and their activities in vitro and in vivo. (a) Genetic maps of SaPI2 and its ABD derivatives. (b) ABD constructs. ABD2001 was derived from the prototypical SaPI2 by deleting toxin genes tst and eta and the capsid morphogenesis genes cpmA and cpmB. ABD2002–2006 were derived from ABD2001 by the insertion of the listed genes. (c) Killing of S. aureus by ABD2003 and of L. monocytogenes by ABD2004. Suitable dilutions of ABD2002, ABD2003, or ABD2004 particle preparations were mixed with RN1, RN1∆agr, or L. monocytogenes SK1442, plated on Tc5, and incubated at 37°C for 48 h. (d) Blockade of SC murine infections by ABDs [234]. Copyright © 2018, Springer Nature.