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The Strategies of Pathogen-Oriented Therapy on Circumventing Antimicrobial Resistance

Figure 8

Cas12a-mediated release of small molecules and enzymes from PEG hydrogels. (a) ssDNA acts as a cleavable linker for attaching payloads to an inert PEG matrix. : light energy. (b) Activation of Cas12a and fluorophore release ( hours) is defined by the complementarity between a dsDNA sequence and the gRNA of Cas12a. (c) Functional enzymes can be anchored into the hydrogel and released by Cas12a in sufficient quantities for visual detection in an HRP activity assay within minutes. A.U.: arbitrary units. (d) Release of a tethered fluorophore by Cas12a is initiated only upon the introduction of a specific dsDNA trigger and not a scrambled dsDNA control sequence [244]. Copyright © 2019, The American Association for the Advancement of Science.