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The Strategies of Pathogen-Oriented Therapy on Circumventing Antimicrobial Resistance

Table 2

Some selected AMPs in the latest stage of clinical research.

PeptideDescriptionEvaluated conditionClinical trial phaseCompanyProposed mechanism of action

AA139Originates from arenicin-3Urinary tract infectionPhase IAdenium BiotechInterruption of phospholipid transportation pathways, membrane dysregulation
AB103A peptide mimetic of CD28Necrotizing soft tissue infectionsPhase IIIAtox BioAttenuate cd28 signaling during bacterial infection
DalbavancinSemisynthetic lipoglycopeptideGram-positive osteoarticular infectionsPhase IVInfectious Diseases Physicians, Inc.Inhibit transglycosylation and transpeptidation for cell-wall synthesis
PexigananAnalogue of magainin-2Infected diabetic ulcersPhase III (failed)Dipexium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Cell membrane disruption
LL37A 37 amino acid cationic peptide of the hCAP18 proteinVenous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcersPhase IIaPromore PharmaModulate the inflammatory phase
SAAP-148An LL-37-derived peptideAtopic dermatitis and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infectionsPreclinicalMadam TherapeuticsCell membrane modulators
OritavancinA semisynthetic lipoglycopeptideAcute bacterial skin and skin structure infectionsPhase IIIMelinta Therapeutics, Inc.Inhibit cell wall biosynthesis
PAC-113A 12-amino acid peptide derived from the histatinCandidiasis infectionPhase IIbPacgen Biopharmaceuticals CorporationCell membrane permeability enhancers; reactive oxygen species stimulants
SGX942Synthetic 5-amino acid peptideOral mucositisPhase IIISoligenixTarget the intracellular control pathways
Murepavadin (POL7080)A 14-amino-acid cyclic peptide based on protegrin-1Pseudomonas infectionsPreclinicalPolyphor Ltd.Target the Gram-negative bacterial outer membrane proteins
Novexatin (NP213)A cyclic arginine-based heptamerToenail infectionsPhase I/IIaNovaBiotics Ltd.Disrupting bacterial cell membranes
hLF1-11The first eleven amino acids of the natural human lactoferrinInfection of bone marrow stem cell transplantationsPhase IIAm-PharmaModulation of the immune system
BrilacidinA mimic of defensinAcute bacterial skin and skin structure infectionPhase IIIInnovation Pharmaceuticals Inc.Disrupting bacterial cell membranes
PXL01A synthetic peptide derived from the human lactoferricin peptidePostsurgical adhesions and scarsPhase IIIPromore PharmaImmunomodulation and enhancement of fibrinolytic activity
OG716A derivative of mutacin 1140Clostridium difficile infection in enteritisPreclinicalOragenics, Inc.Transmembrane lipid II-mediated pore formation
OmigananA synthetic 12 amino acid peptide, analogue of indolicidinCatheter infectionsPhase IICutanea life sciencesCell membrane permeability enhancers