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The Strategies of Pathogen-Oriented Therapy on Circumventing Antimicrobial Resistance

Table 3

Some antibodies against pathogenic bacteria in clinical research.

AntibodyEvaluated conditionTargetClinical trial phaseMethod of generationReference

MEDI4893S. aureus pneumoniaAlpha toxinPhase IIbHybridoma technology[178180]
ASN100Staphylococcal infectionsAlpha toxin, leukocidinsPhase IIYeast surface display[181, 182]
AR-301S. aureus lung infectionsHuman leukocyte antigenPhase IIIScreening human B-cells of convalescent pneumonia patients[183]
514G3S. Aureus bacteremiaSpAPhase IIB-cell isolation[184, 185]
AR-101P. aeruginosa infectionsLPSPhase IIaScreening of the B-cell repertoire[186]
MEDI3902P. aeruginosa pneumoniaPcrV and PslPhase IIPhage display[187189]
KB001-AP. aeruginosa infectionsPcrVPhase IIHybridoma technology[190, 191]
RaxibacumabAnthraxProtective antigenFDA approvedPhage display[192]
AnthimAnthraxProtective antigenPhase IMouse hybridoma[193]
BezlotuxumabC. difficile infectionsToxin BFDA approvedMouse immunization[194, 195]
ShigamabsShiga toxin-producing infectionsShiga toxin 1 and 2Phase IIMouse hybridoma[196]