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Highly Stretchable, Elastic, and Sensitive MXene-Based Hydrogel for Flexible Strain and Pressure Sensors

Figure 4

The electromechanical performances of the hydrogel-based pressure sensor. (a) Relative current variation versus pressure for the hydrogel sensor. (b) Relative current variation as a function of time under different pressures (0.75, 1.5, 3.5, and 9 kPa). (c) Comparison of sensitivity and pressure range with literatures. (d) Response time and release time of the hydrogel sensor. (e) Detection limitation of the hydrogel sensor. (f) Comparison of detection limitation and response time with literatures. (g) The durability test of the hydrogel sensor. (h) Schematic illustration of the mechanism for the electromechanical responses of the hydrogel sensor.