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Stereoassembled V2O5@FeOOH Hollow Architectures with Lithiation Volumetric Strain Self-Reconstruction for Lithium-Ion Storage

Figure 2

Microstructure characterization and composition analysis of hollow V2O5@FeOOH heterostructure. (a, b) FESEM images of V2O5@FeOOH. (c, d) TEM images of V2O5@FeOOH. (e) HRTEM image of V2O5@FeOOH. (f) Dark-field STEM-EDS line scan profile of V2O5@FeOOH. (g, h) Dark-field TEM image and corresponding elemental mapping images of V2O5@FeOOH with red for V, cyan for Fe, and green for O.

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