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Spatial Wavefunction Characterization of Femtosecond Pulses at Single-Photon Level

Figure 3

Spatial wavefunction characterization of single photons with a triangular wavefront shape. The 4-bin phase shifting induced by translation of BSC (see Video 1) is applied to the interferograms with shearing amount of to retrieve the phases. The phases are manipulated numerically to extract the 1-dimensional odd order SLM phase distribution (see Materials and Methods for details of the wavefront extraction). (a–d) Interferograms produced by a collimated beam going through the CDSI at (a, b) without SLM phase modulation and (c, d) with SLM triangular phase modulation. The phase shift pairs are (a, c) 0 and and (b, d) and . (e) Probability distribution of the single photon measured by translating the BSC to fully contain the beam. (j) Extracted SLM phase based on the interferograms (a–d). (See Materials and Methods for details of the wavefront extraction.) Each interferogram is made up of accumulation of 60000 frames at the rate of 0.72 photons per frame.