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Construction of Dual-Biofunctionalized Chitosan/Collagen Scaffolds for Simultaneous Neovascularization and Nerve Regeneration

Figure 5

Vascularization evaluation of chitosan/collagen (CC) scaffolds and dual-biofunctionalized scaffolds with VEGF/IKVAV (CCIV) using (a–d) chicken embryo experiment for 8 days and(e, f) sciatic nerve implantation for 14 days. (a) Implantation site of scaffolds in chicken embryos, (b, c, b’, c’) CD31 staining and optical images of newborn blood vessels (scale ), (d) total length of blood vessels in different scaffolds, and vascularization effect of (e) CC scaffolds and (f) CCIV scaffolds in an injured rat sciatic nerve (scale ).