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Two-Dimensional Borophene: Properties, Fabrication, and Promising Applications

Figure 10

(a) Increasing boron dose leads to the breakdown of the network and growth of greater borophene islands. Reprinted with permission from Ref. [75]. Copyright 2019 American Chemical Society. (b) Topographic AFM image. (c) The line profile reveals a 2.8 Å tall atomic step of the Cu substrate (the black line in (b)). And the line profile reveals that the thickness of the borophene sheet in surrounding conditions is about 3.0 Å (the blue line in (b)). (d1) High-resolution STM data of borophene. (d2) DFT-imitated constant tunneling current isosurface of the proposed borophene structure. (d3) The diagram of the borophene structure with boron atoms and bonds shown in green. Reprinted with permission from Ref. [76]. Copyright 2019 Springer Nature Limited.