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The Possibility of Changing the Wettability of Material Surface by Adjusting Gravity

Table 1

values (μm) of the solid-liquid contact system.

GravityWater on DMDCSEthylene glycol on DMDCSGlycerol on DMDCSWater on PDMS2kEthylene glycol on PDMS2kGlycerol on PDMS2kWater on PDMS9kEthylene glycol on PDMS9kGlycerol on PDMS9k

1 G22.613.313.
2 G22.612.530.419.423.726.330.828.94.8
3 G20.412.546.529.519.742.422.625.04.8
4 G25.311.645.622.617.749.132.939.76.6
5 G32.
6 G30.213.257.938.931.847.
7 G40.314.957.839.730.852.
8 G38.221.356.848.237.458.441.154.122.7