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All-in-One Deposition to Synergistically Manipulate Perovskite Growth for High-Performance Solar Cell

Figure 4

Performance of the perovskite device with mixed additives. (a) curve. (b) EQE spectrum of the champion device. (c) PCE histogram of the device prepared by adding mixed biuret/triuret as an additive. (d) The stabilized power output (SPO) of the champion device and the control device. (e, f) Top SEM and cross-sectional SEM of the perovskite film prepared with mixed biuret/triuret as an additive. (g) Effect of additives on the photovoltaic performance of mixed (FAPbI3)0.85(MAPbBr3)0.15 perovskite and inorganic CsPbI2Br perovskite with a structure of ITO/PTAA/(FAPbI3)0.85(MAPbBr3)0.15/PC61BM/Ag and ITO/NiO/CsPbI2Br/PC61BM/Ag, respectively.

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