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Near-Infrared-Excitable Organic Ultralong Phosphorescence through Multiphoton Absorption

Figure 2

Photoluminescence properties of CzPAB powder under ambient conditions. (a) SSPL (blue) and OURTP (red) spectra excited by 365 nm UV light and 720 and 800 nm NIR lasers. Insets show the corresponding photographs on excitation (left) and removal (right) of the illumination light. (b) Excitation-OURTP emission mapping with a delay time of 25 ms. (c) SSPL spectra under different strengths of 720 (top) and 800 nm (bottom) NIR lasers with logarithmic plots of the integrated emission intensity versus the laser powers (insets). (d) OURTP lifetime decay profile at 530 nm excited by an 800 nm laser. (e) Transient emission decay image excited by 365 nm UV light.