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Near-Infrared-Excitable Organic Ultralong Phosphorescence through Multiphoton Absorption

Figure 5

Applications of MPA-OURTP materials. (a) Schematic drawing of the bottom-up strategy to prepare CzPAB nanoparticles. (b) Particle size distribution revealed by dynamic light scattering. The inset is a transmission electron microscope image. The scale bar is 200 nm. (c) OURTP lifetime decay profile at 530 nm of CzPAB nanoparticles excited by 365 nm UV light under ambient conditions. (d) Two-photon confocal laser scanning microscopy imaging of HeLa cells stained with CzPAB nanoparticles after incubation for 6 h. The cellular images were captured by collecting the luminescence from 500 to 750 nm under the excitation of 800 nm NIR laser. The scale bar is 10 μm. (e) The setup for the visual NIR laser power detector. (f) Power-dependent OURTP images of CzPAB powder from the video recorded after turning off the 800 nm NIR laser. (g) Evolution mapping of grayscale (G) values of the OURTP images under different laser off-time. (h) Design and (i) demonstration of the excitation and lifetime multiplexing encryption device. The scale bar is 1 cm.