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Advanced Thin Film Cathodes for Lithium Ion Batteries

Figure 12

(a) Schematic drawing of NMC-Au nanocomposite with low Au concentration. (b) Schematic drawing of NMC-Au nanocomposite with high Au concentration. (c) Low-mag TEM images of cross-sectional NMC-Au nanocomposite thin film; the inset shows the corresponding EDX mapping. (d) HRSTEM of plan-view NMC-Au nanocomposite thin film. (e) Cyclic voltammetry of pure NMC, NMC-2 at% Au, and NMC-6 at% Au. (f) Cycling performance of NMC-2 at% Au nanocomposite for 50 cycles. (g) EIS results of pure NMC and NMC-2 at% Au with fitted equivalent circuits plotted [125].

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