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Advanced Thin Film Cathodes for Lithium Ion Batteries

Table 2

Summary of nanocomposite thin film cathode literature discussed in this review with corresponding labeled modification approaches C1 and C2.

MaterialsGrowth methodSubstrateBufferMorphologyNoteRef.

LiFePO4/CPLD (C2)SiPt/TiMixed nanocompositePostannealing needed[114]
LiFePO4/CDrop casting (C2)TiMixed nanocomposite[115]
LiFePO4/AgPLD (C2)Mixed nanocomposite[116]
FePO4/Li3PO4ALD (C1)Carbon nanotubesCore-shellAmorphous[109]
LiFePO4/N-CHydrothermal (C1)Carbon clothInterconnected particles with porosityPostannealing needed[105]
VO2/N-CHydrothermal (C1)Carbon clothCore-shell[81]
VO2/hydrogen molybdenum bronze (HMB)Electrodeposition (C1)Graphene foamCore-shell nanoflakes[106]
LiV3O8RF magnetron sputtering (C2)Stainless steelAmorphous-nanocrystalline heterostructure[126]
LiCoO2/C60RF plasma-assisted thermal evaporation then laser printing (C1)Stainless steelAuCoated nanostructured film[91]
NMC532/AuPLD (C2)Stainless steelAuParticle in matrix[125]
NMC532/Li2MnO3PLD (C2)Stainless steelAuMultilayer in matrix[124]
NMC532/Li2MnO3PLD (C2)Stainless steelAuMixed nanocomposite[124]
LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4/Li3PO4ESD (C1)AlCoated planar film[99]
LiMn2O4/TiO2ALD (C1)SiO2/SiPt/TiNCoated planar film[18]
LiMn2O4/Al2O3ALD (C1)SiO2/SiPt/TiNCoated planar film[18]
LiMn2O4/La0.5Sr0.5CoO3PLD (C2)STOBilayer[128]
Li4Ti5O12/TiO2RF sputtering (C2)Stainless steelMixed nanocompositePostannealing needed[127]
FeF2/Al2O3ALD (C2)NiCoated nanostructured filmPostannealing needed[110]

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